Should your pet require a surgical procedure, whether routine or complex, the skilled professionals at McPherson Veterinary Clinic are prepared to provide the very best in veterinary surgical care.  Every surgery we perform is preceded by a thorough pre-surgical examination and blood tests to assess the animal’s ability to handle anesthesia and undergo the procedure.

Our veterinarians are educated and trained the latest surgical techniques and equipment, including radiography and lasers. They possess the expertise and experience to perform a variety of soft tissue, elective, orthopedic and emergency procedures and will do so with your pet’s safety and comfort in mind.

We employ only the safest available anesthesia and during surgery our highly trained team of technicians carefully monitors your pet’s vital signs, including heartbeat, blood pressure and oxygen level.  Likewise, our comprehensive post-operative pain management plan provides for optimum comfort and care during the recovery process.

A few of the extensive range of surgeries performed at McPherson include:

  • Ovarohysterectomy (spay)
  • Castration (neuter)
  • Soft Tissue/General Procedures
  • Laser Surgery
  • Radiowave Surgery
  • Post-operative Therapy Laser Services

At McPherson Veterinary Clinic we understand that your pet is a member of your family and that surgery, no matter how big or small, can be stressful for both of you.  Rest assured that the entire staff at McPherson remains committed to professional, compassionate care of your pet and will work with you to get your beloved companion on the road to recovery as quickly as possible.